Andreas Muxel


Andreas Muxler is an Austrian born artist, designer and teacher now based in Cologne, Germany. He graduated from University of Applied Sciences in Vorarlberg, Austria in 2004 receiving a degree in Media Communication Design. He finishes his postgraduate studies in 2007 at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne.

Beside his work as a freelance art director he is also a professor in Interface/Interaction Design at the International School of Design in Cologne.


His work mainly consists of installations and performances appearing regularly at international media art festivals. Characteristic for his work is the combination of digital code and physical material and the exchange between man and machine. The use of electronics and computer science is another important aspect of his work.


It was difficult for me to make a choice which project appealed to me most. Personally I don’t relate to this particular kind of digital projects very much. I don’t have à particular interest in electronics and computer science. What I do like is the interactive character of nearly all his projects. From that point of view I like ‘Energie-Passagen’ (2004) most because of the use of language. I’m interested in language as a means of creating structure in our social environment. This installation was presented at the ‘Literaturhaus’ in Munich. By projecting hundreds of catchwords from newspaper reports as a marquee on the street in different colors and fonts and having them being spoken by a computer voice, passers by are attracted and invited to select individual words and speak these into a microphone. This triggers a flow of related terms that is experienced as a response. The interface between man and machine. Interaction through language.


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