Inside Out Productions

The strongest point of Inside Out Productions is the fact that they create human experience that changes the audience’s perception. They create a new level of experience and expectation. Their ability to connect and engage with the public has therefore become their greatest strength.

 Favorite project;

My favourite project of them is their multi-media experience at the Frankfurt book fair show. New Zealand was guest of honour and it was their task to visualise some of New Zeeland’s trademarks, strengths and history. It was a 20 minute long multi-media experience, which celebrated Maori storytelling, Poetry, Fiction, Graphic Novels and Children’s Books, along with stunning landscapes.

Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 15.23.11


With the use of film, music, light and the architectural space, they created the perfect multi-media experience. They wanted to emphasise what was to be seen in the films with the use of light for example the water floor. They made a star sealing which mirrored in the floor because it was made out of water. This way you get the feeling that you are completely surrounded by stars or in space itself. They were also responsible for the huge moon on the sealing, which again reflected in the water floor.

While the movies are being displayed on the huge screen, there is at the same time a performance actor visualising the story in movements and in actions.

The way they placed the screens in the rooms adds also up to the experience. You can walk around them and are surrounded by the movies and clips. You are really in the middle of it.

Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 15.22.50


They used different technologies to make the experience so realistic and vivid as they possibly could. At one point in the film there is a raining scene and at the moment the scene starts, the performance actor gets rain upon him. This way the stories and films become more alive and realistic.  All these little parts of the experience such as the star sealing, the moon, the rain, the actor and the water floor ads up to the total experience and therefore are the strengths of Inside Out productions. Using these kinds of installations and technologies to give the people a different perception and expectation. The movies particularly gave the people a 3D effect, the feeling that it was all around them.

Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 15.27.46


I like this project so much because here they played with different aspects of experience and technology and added them up together to make one smashing multi-media experience. I especially love the rains scene because this way there was a really good interaction with the films, the actor and the public. There wasn’t one particular point to look at but it was all around you and therefore I think it is a true experience. I also think that the scale of the project makes it is so great and realistic. Big things or events automatically feel overwhelming and spectacular. Overall it is a nice way of telling the story of New Zealand through images, music, performance and installations.


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