Julius Popp

Julius Popp



Leipzig based artist Julius Popp was born in 1973 in Nuremberg. He studied at Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst. He has done an installation for the Olympic Park in London in 2012.


2) Bit.Fall. – London 2010




Water, Nozzles, Tank, Pump, Valve construction


Computer, system that searches independently for news on the internet and looks for new words that emerge trough statistic rules.

Technology Description

  1. Water is pumped from a tank and the computer system picks up words from the internet through a certain programmed system that is connected with the water nozzles. That way words are formed by water for only a few seconds. The water gets collected again in the tank.


  1. People are going to watch the water falling and wonder how it’s done, but it actually has a deeper meaning. The concept is about the fact that things that have meaning for us can change within’ a second. Meaning doesn’t last. Through the internet Julius states he connects his work to society.


The reason I picked bit.fall is not necessarily because the concept is so strong. The concept of things in modern day having a meaning that doesn’t last longer than a second (also made worse by the internet) is a subject that has been used too much and mainly the part of the internet we’ve seen 39248230984 before. Though the accessibility and the visual outcome I really like. It isn’t rocket science but visually it works really strong. It is very accessible for everyone, since there it has a recognizable aspect (the words) and people have loved to stare at moving water for centuries just as people automatically like to stare at fire. It is also nice he uses something as water which is everlasting and of all times to portray something that lasts for a second. It also shows the metaphor of everything can be molded into a different meaning when reshaping it or putting it in a different context.


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