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Crystal Mesh is a project started in 2009 in Singa- pore. It is a kinetic light facade for the building complex ILUMA in Singapore. ILUMA is an entertainment and retail development. Crystal Mesh combines aspects

of a conventional curtain facade with those of a light installation.

The central idea is the facade with changaeble expression. There is an active, at night, appearance and a day appearance. They both have equal rights in the design. It sends light signals during the day as well as having sunlight reflections. During night LED light will previal.

Conceptually, Crystal mesh is futuristic as well as historical. Historical because the modular facade designs strains between 1960 and 1970, and the analog light- bulb aesthetic is from the 20th century. It is futuristic because the use of the facade as monitor; as a digital medium.

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‘Crystal elements’ are made up of a translucent, polycarbonate hull and an aluminum back-plate. There is a tessellated pattern made of 3000 modules.

Polycarbonate is solid, hard and transparent. Covering a facade area of more than 5000 m2.

Better and less-expensive LED lights. That’s how they elude the problem of competition.

In the lights there are folded aluminium reflectors.

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Each electrified Crystal Element contains between 1 and 7 individually controllable light sources. There are as well ‘blind’crystal elements, which carry no light sources inside. . There are night and day appearances.

The facade sends light signals during the day as well as having reflection of sunlight in the folded aluminium reflectors.

During night the polycarbonate crystals can only represent 75 percent of the underlaying matrix. The aluminium reflector element is folded to optimize the flow of light.

The active light elements are distributed in coherent groups across the entire surface with different intervals.

The facade defines new LED monitors that outdo eachother at ever shorter intervals.

On this facade normal films or animations are difficutl to screen because special contents must be created for it. It needs to have a special software that enables artists to deve- lop and program.

The software of the lightning functions in real time, so artist scan alter their works at the same time as they are traversing the simulated cityscapes as observers.

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The Crystal Mesh gives a dynamic expression of the entire architecture with changeable expres- sion. The audience will experience, dependent on the person ofcourse, a dreamlike experience. A feeling of a magical place; peacefully, easy and calm.

As if they would enter a new world, driven by fantasized elements. The imagination comes in and every individual is able to interpretet the ar- chitecture in its own way. Thinking beyond what is logical. For some it will reach beyond their thinking.


This project grabbed my attention because I’m overall interested in dif- ferent ways of showing lights in the city. Light is to be seen everywhere, but it stands out when something different is done by it. It is a good way to reach a lot of people’s attention, it will immediatly be notice by the whole city!

In this case I got interested in it is because of the dynamic expression as well as the aesthetics. It is new, refreshing and outstanding. During night it shows a whole different building, it’s more active and some more spec- tacular but during day it gives an interesting grid as well that already is worth to see!

It is a timeless design, there have been influences from the 20th century and the 60s & 70s. It looks like the architecture is humanized, it gives the feeling of breathing, living and being. The building will be in motion all the time, which proves that it won’t be boring at any time!

A real eyecatcher!


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