Resn is an independently owned company in the City of Wellington, New Zealand. It was started by Steve Le Marquand and Rik Campbell back in 2005. Pushing the ability of their media to the very edge.

 Resn is a creative digital partner to some of the world’s most respected advertising agencies and brands. They are best known for their unique ability to deliver unorthodox online experiences that have provocatively fresh design coupled with technical wizardry.

It is one of Australasia’s most internationally recognized digital agencies, they’ve won coveted FWA, Webby, SXSW, One Show and Pixel awards.

 It has been published by Taschen multiple times and been featured in major industry magazines from Japan to the U.K. It has delivered digital loveliness for brands such as BBC, Puma, Panasonic, OECD, Mitsubishi, BlackBerry, Coke, MTV, Ricoh, Toyota, Mentos, Johnson & Johnson, British Home Office and The All Blacks.

 They create:

Web experiences, Internet applications, Game development, Mobile development, Social applications, Animation en motion, Illustration en character development Backend development, Music en sound design

How the name was created:

“(Brainstorming for names between Steve and Rik ended with ‘Resin’. So off they went to buy ‘’ but it was taken. So what did they do? They just removed the “i” and bought The name has helped us come up with joke company mottos like “We’re all a team. There is no ‘i’ in Resn”. It was actually really helpful for tracking our activity with Google searches due to it being rather unique… until Nike launched a pair of shoes called ‘RESN’. Thanks Nike!)”


Internet, Scripting, Code, Design


Flash, ?


They use their website to scare away the wrong clients and attract the right clients.
A client filter as they call it.  “The website has had a few ‘versions’ you could say. It evolves and that is how we intended it to be.”
They wanted a stage to present their portfolio of work but also give the crew a space to play and display.

So their website is a way to make a first impression on the client.


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