Roseline de Thélin




Fiber optics, quartz crystals beads, mirrors, wires and chains
Top: Iron with black and gold leaf lacquer finish
Dimensions: diameter 450 mm x height 1500 mm


These close ups shows the materials she is using to create her installations. By using an original technic of edging the fibres, she creates large light pieces. Because the fiber optics (the long flexible strips) radiates a little light, the crystal beads will lighten up too. The combination of light, the reflection of it, and dark make these installations so brightly luminous.



Seen at the examples over here, the installations are life-size made, or even bigger. Besides this, it is a three-dimensional object, what makes it very realistic persons in a way.  This creates automatically an interaction of the people, they will walk around it, see it from different angles or even play with it as the little kid is doing. It is made out of tangible and movable materials, what makes you curious what will happen when it is moving.



What I mainly like about this installation is that it is eventually very simple, but it works great! Her concept is therefore very strong. Because of the three-dimensional effect she used, it seems like these luminous works ask us to reflect on life and illusion. A feeling she tried to evoke by using this Ethereal, transparent and illuminating elements. At is as if you are looking to yourself. I would love to walk through a dark exhibition space with only lightened people around you and feel the radiation of them.

The other objects she made were more made for home use, as normal lightning. I prefer this art installation more, because of the concept, and the outcome is way more unique.


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