Short bio

Squidsoup is an international group of artists, researchers and designers working with digital and interactive media experiences. Their work combines sound, physical space and virtual worlds to produce immersive and emotive headspaces where participants can take active control of their experience. They explore the modes and effects of interactivity, looking to make digital experiences where meaningful and creative interaction can occur.





Driftnet (2007)


No worm equipment. Further use of a screen and ‘point grey bumblebee’ stereo-vision camera.


Anaglyphic red/cyan aspects in the camera shape the experience to your movement; creating a strong illusion of 3D depth.


You flap your ‘wings’ in front of the screen and in front of you a virtual world starts gliding past you in 3D. You steer the way through a dreamlike universe. By moving through the space participants are able to navigate the musical composition and influence the direction on the screen.


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