Ief Spincemaille


This machine makes it possible to walk around your own head, as if it was somebody else…It creates a live filmed 3D projection of your face. And this just by means of mechanical components: a chain, sprocket and motor. Yes! No computers, no programming! You will be visible as if you are looking in to a mirror, but then, you’ll also see perfectives of yourself, which you normally won’t see. Its aesthetics are as if you are looking to a vintage film, but it is exactly you, live, at that specific moment!



Metal, dynamo, rubber, plastic, fibres.
Chain, sprocket, cogs and plexi-glass.


Instead of including digital ways to achieve the 3D effect, he opts for mechanical parts such as chains, cogs, motor, metal and plexi-glass. In this way the technology behind the 3D effect becomes clearly visible and even tangible. So, no computer is involved, the protection of yourself is really done by the steps you are taking while walking around.


In today’s society there is a frenetic desire to view ourselves and the world in image. Images that must be as realistic as possible; therefore, preferably 3 dimensional. That’s what Spincemaille attemps with the Chain Driven 3D Mirror.


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