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Loom – 2003 – Jennifer Steinkamp
At the intersection of art, digital technology and space, this series of exhibitions surveys work in video and film and reflects on how architecture shapes the projection medium in contemporary art.


Toshiba TLP 650, 1100 lumen and Panasonic  PT-L757 1400 lumen projectors, 2 DVD players.


Loom consisted of two overlapping video projections; one contained a horizontal pattern, while the other vertical. When combined, the two created a weave. Because there were two projections at opposite angles, the viewer created two shadows that disrupted the projections; one shadow revealed the vertical lines while the other was filled with horizontal lines. The image formed a cube that matched the perspective of the space, which was a deep tunnel. The lines warped with a water like pattern.


Loom, a work by Los Angeles-based artist Jennifer Steinkamp, deftly uses projected video and animation to explore issues of architectural space, motion and phenomenological perception. As viewers move through Steinkamp’s installation, their shadows become interlaced with the moving images so that their bodies and actions become incorporated into the artwork itself.


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