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Volume –Leo Villareal
Over 20,000 white LED nodes are suspended in a three-dimensional matrix of mirror-finished stainless steel. Its cylindrical form is at once dense and ephemeral, as it shimmers and oscillates between dimensions.


White LEDs, metal armature, Mac Mini, wiring, LEDs, circuitry, mirror finished stainless steel, transformer.


Leo Villareal created an illusion of twinkling stars in his new project titled “Volume.” The cylinder shaped piece was suspended from the ceiling and featured more than 20,000 LED lights set against reflective, mirror-finished stainless steel, which created a three dimensional space where light could come alive. The patterns of illumination, controlled by Villareal’s software code design, move in various speeds, cycles of on and off, and waves of brightness and darkness.


The piece is a dazzling tone poem that draws the viewer into a deep, abstract space as it warps temporal and visual perception.


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