Studio Drift


Studio Drift is based in Amsterdam, founded by two graduates from the Design Academy Eindhoven. DRIFT has been awarded several times for their work, including Light of the Future from the German Council in 2008 for Fragile Future. Fragile Future Concrete Chandelier has won The Moët Hennessy – Pavilion of Art and Design London Prize 2010 and has been acquired by the Victoria & Albert Museum in London Most recently, Fragile Future won the 1st price at the Zomer Expo (Summer Exhibition) at the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag.

Flylight (& other works)


Glass, custom made fittings, halogen, software, electronics


The movement of the light is programmed inspired on how Birds fly; no bird wants to be in the front. They keep changing.


People are going to stare at the lights and follow them. It keeps changing. In that way it has the same effects as Julius Popp’s Bit.Fall in which people also are going to stare fascinated at what’s happening.


What I like about this project is that it is actually so simple but nicely done and therefore it works so well. Light always attracts people for some reason.


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