Andreas Kowalewski // Autoprogettazione 2.0




Andreas Kowalewski was born in Berlin, Germany. Ever since he was a child he has been interested in making things and observing them. He started drawing at a early age and moved on to sculpture eventually. After finishing his cabinetmaker apprenticeship and an education in product design at the Carl Severing Academy, he studied at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen and graduated with a master’s degree in industrial design. He has worked for several design studios but currently holds the position of a creative design lead in Amsterdam.





One of the studio’s open design projects for Autoprogettazione 2.0 Domus was initiated by Andread Kowalewski and available for Open Design.

Analyzing the Havana environment a couple of students recognized that everyday every Cuban is dedicated to his favorite activity: waiting. Waiting to be served, waiting for the phone, waiting for the bus, waiting for the elevator, waiting for the browser window opening. “A stool could be a good Idea.” A very beautiful and simple adaptation of one of the Autoprogettazione 2.0 Domus’ design contest winners. 



Wood, rope.

Mainly craftsmanship and the use of Open Design

The use of Open Design enables the product to include an extra design element. The students simply added a string and some holes to transform a static stool into a portable one.


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