James Nizam

James Nizam is a visual artist living in Vancouver. He completed a B.F.A. at the University of British Columbia in 2002. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally; selected exhibitions include the Surrey Art Gallery, the Or Gallery, Gallery Jones, Gallery 44 (Toronto), Scalo Guye Gallery (Los Angeles), and Toronto Image Works.

 james_nizam_05 james_nizam_06 james_nizam_11 james_nizam_13

Project: Trace Heavens

Materials: sunlight, small mirrors attatched to ball joints

Technology: no advanced technology is used, just the rules of science to calculate the direction of the light and directed to your own hand. The project is interesting aside all the technically based projects like ‘Squidsoup’s light experiences because on first glance they both seem artificially lit. In fact, this project by James Nizam is not artificial at all. It is a modern twist an ancient source.

 Effect/ experience: Through sliced gaps and holes into a couple of rooms sunlight is allowed into the space in the middle of the day and by directing the sunlight through mirrors. This way a graphic light grid is formed which can be observed changing in intensity and the ability to redirect the rays.

The resulting “light sculptures” were then photographed using a large format camera. Nizam was able to bounce the light multiple times before it became too faint to capture, and for some of his pieces, he stacked multiple exposures for the shapes and patterns seen in them.


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