Second Story


Second Story, established in 1994, is a company that develops new interactive experiences in a storytelling way. They do this for brands and institutions across different digital channels such as websites, apps and installations.

Julie Beeler and Brad Johnson are the founders of Second Story. With their background in Visual Design, Art History Liberal Arts and Multimedia brought they are striving for innovative and interactive techniques that reaches diverse audiences to pique, spur discovery and to inspire them.
In the 19-year of their existence, Second Story has received many awards that were given for their technological developments, their new methods and their interactivity designed in many of their projects.

Project ’Vault of the Secret Formula’’


‘’Vault of the Secret Formula’’ is a project that Second Story developed for The World Coca Cola in Atlanta.
Visitors are transported into a tale about the most famous and mysterious trade secret in history—the secret formula of Coca-Cola. Second Story, along with partners Donna Lawrence Productions and Gallagher & Associates, developed a narrative experience to delight and surprise visitors and challenge their ideas about what is fiction and what is truth about the secret formula. Second Story conceived of media and design strategies flowing from the two aspects of the secret formula: the secrecy and mystery surrounding it, and the fun that comes from simply enjoying the product. This concept fueled the design and development of twelve media experiences that help deliver the visitor toward the exhibit’s cinematic climax.


If you look at this project, its clear that the technology has a bigger role than the use of material. What I can say about the use of material is that some materials are important for the technology to be seen. For instance the glass where the technical part is being projected on.
To build the construction steel was used to create these big installations. Also wood and steel are important for the interior (walls and Interior pieces) in every room to create this laboratory atmosphere.


Second Story is famous for their use of technology in their projects. In the ‘’Vault of the Secret Formula’’ it’s all about the technology and how people use the technology to discover new things and to get answers on certain questions. In this case it’s about the truth about the secret formula of Coca Cola.
In this project there are different rooms where visitors can walk through and experience every technique the installation is offering.

Rooms + Technology that has been used:

Bottle Imposters
Use of Holographic Design

Kinect depth-sensing camera’s and 3d elements.

Formula Files
Motion Graphics.

Homes of the Secret Formula
Whimsical Animations that is a response to the Touchscreen.

Protecting the Secret
Kinect depth-sensing cameras and 3d elements.

Reactive Shadows
Kinect depth-sensing cameras

Secret Formula Security System
Live Video, 3d Graphics

Secret Formula Secrurity Drawer
Kinect depth-sensing camera’s and 3d elements

Secret Formula Security System Monitor
Live Video, 3D Modeling

Taste Maker
3d Graphics

Triangle Room Peep Show

Triangle Room Shadow Play

This project is a really interactive experience where visitors can explore the new developments in technology. It really keeps the people active in every designed room they walk through in the installation. What is interesting is that Second Story really shows that they are telling a story with technology and that the visitor has an important role in this experience of every aspect in this project. They show what Second Story actually stands for.



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