Liu Dao




Liu Dao is an international multidisciplinary art collective based in China. She embraces the use of digital technology to express the emotions and thoughts which arise from what it considers the vivid and hectic environment of Shanghai in the 21st Century. The group claims its collective and communal spirit prevents the art from becoming mainstream or stagnant.[3] The majority of Liu Dao’s works involve LEDs.






Liu Dao artworks often feature modernized characteristics of conventional art, bringing to light the subject of China’s reaction and contribution to globalization, while artworks “demand” interaction through sensors, motion-tracking devices, GPRS modem controlled videos, or sonar rangefinders which help “artists and technologists actively engage with culture”.




LED lights




Het is een andere manier om naar een video te kijken opgebouwd uit led lampjes. De interactie bij dit project is ver te zoeken maar het is wel weer een andere fictie die getoond word.



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