.paillard punch.


The concept is centred around punch cards and connecting the past with the present through sound. Each visitor will receive their own punch card onto which they can perforate a unique pattern. They can then put them into the card reader and the pattern they punched will appear lit up on a “screen”.

The screen is made from linen with a matrix of small lights behind it and is primarily a way to give some kind of visual feedback, so that visitors can see that their punched information is being transferred.

The pattern of holes in the punch card will trigger a different combination of looping audio tracks: factory sounds to represent noises of the old mill. The tracks selected with the punch card will all play at the same time, creating a layered audio of ambient factory sounds generated by the visitors’ unique pattern of holes.

I think this is a really nice project were Meg Grant is trying to connect history with new technology’s. also the interaction with the visitor is nice, because they really participate with the project, they make pattern in the punchcards, and with that pattern produces a unique sound.


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