Local Androids is a design studio that crosses borders in 2D, 3D, traditional, digital and moving images. They search for innovative solutions and are not bound by medium. What characterizes our work is the combination between digital editing with traditional materials that gives our work a realistic feel.
It is an skin like material, same color and texture.

there work breathes; it shows a pulse through its veins on the hips and inflates/deflates the shoulder balloons. When approached it responds by increasing its pulse rate through the veins as if it’s excited. It’s now up to the visitor to respond to this excitement. Upon contact the suit will show it’s vulnerable side by deflating the shoulder balloons.

with this suit, there is interaction between two people, in this case between the suit and the visitor. It expresses excitement like between two people when they first meet and inflates and deflates with different pulses.



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