Short Bio: In the fields

A short bio on the artist/company:

In the fields’ is a company established by two artist Nicole Heidtke and Stefan Baumberger both born in Germany.
in the fields’ work emphasizes natural phenomena and condenses poetic moments into inventions of autonomous, cocooned systems. Their visual art practice draws on archival material, environmental topics and ephemeral artefacts, such as lost forms of cinema.
Their installations are responsive, of modular appearance and often powered by solar energy, such as their work ume, which considers the transformation from winter to spring.

Images or a video of their projects

In the fields

A description of the materials used:
In the first image a project called a diagram of floating stones, stones from each beach are kept in (Shetland lace) knitted “bags” like fishing nets, which hover in the water because of the connected plastic’s floating ability.

A description of the technology used
The installation a diagram of floating stones makes a particular reference to the aquariums of Victorian oceanographic scientists as old media of observation, research and (dis)play.

An outline of the experience or interaction of the project
They reflect upon the “awayness” of plastic garbage in the collective memory – once it is thrown away – and its persistence (as a rarely degrading material) in the oceans and on the beaches.

Links and additional information related to the project


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