Tamar Frank


Tamar Frank is a light installation artist.

This installation was part of the Window of Opportunity route in Sittard. The art route was an initiative to use vacant buildings to show works with light during the dark days of December. I reassembled the installation Lichtschaduw which had previously been developed for the Vishal in Haarlem.




Location: Limbrichtstraat Sittard

scale:320x 210 cm.


Light in itsself cannot be a shadow but by casting a shadow directly over a light source something else is revealed. This is the most visible with a full solar eclipse where the shadow of the moon blocks the sun giving a corona of light. Inspired by this phenomena she made a design where objects cast a silhouette of light instead of a shadow.


By allowing the borders of the object to reflect back indirect light a ‘light shadow’ arises. The object is surrounded by an aura of light. The geometric forms of the work are completely symmetrical and change in color and intensity every 5 minutes. This happens so gradually that most passing viewers do not directly perceive the change.

more information : http://www.windowof.nl


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