Technique: Paul Stout

Paul Stout

Paul Stout’s work Apparition is really interesting. There is a small screen, probably from a cell phone, attached to some electronics encased in a plastic enclosure. On the small screen there is a butterfly that flaps its wings. When the butterfly flaps its wings a counter at the bottom registers every flap. This gives the same technical feeling and effect as the designs of Bjoern Schuelke. It is very advanced and very original. The use of this LCD screen is a techniqual choice Bjoern Schuelke also made, to show what it’s really about. The way Paul present it is also similar. Becaus the LCD screens of Bjoern Schuelke aren’t that big either, in scale. But still the screen gets your attention. They both look a bit robotic in a way because of this. Therefore the viewer will personalize this design in the same way as the design of Schuelke.



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