Pinar- Viola



Pinar&Viola is an office for contemporary image making, founded by Pinar Demirdag and Viola Renate.

They suggest new forms of visual representation in the age of digitalization. Besides their autonomous projects, they work in commission as creative directors.


Photoshop and Illustrator

Diplo & Oliver Twizt Triangulation Blog 2


Pinar&Viola initiated a new way of working in the realm of design. Every year, they launch a Surface Collection, where they create a fantasy scenario reflecting an extreme happening, a sensation or a change which they believe will mark the years to come.

Their collections include The Credit Card Collection, Diva Opaque, 4eva, Scandal Aqua and Optical illusion selfies.


These collections and their other autonomous projects form a cutting-edge inspiration source for the projects they do in commission. Our client list is broad, from technological companies, fashion designers and museums to musicians and popular brands.

They are open to share their vision with others. They give advice as brand strategists, assisting to develop the vision of a brand as consultants for the future trends to come.


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