Afiq Omar


is a Singapore based photographer/videographer


Ferienne is the third installment of an ongoing experimental study on fluid dynamics, magnetism and cymatics. These invisible forces of nature are then made visible through various liquids and mixtures, and they form patterns that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye. The colour palette was kept similar to that of the human skin, and the textures were manipulated using different backgrounds, further pushing the limits of trypophobia; the fear of holes.


Ferrofluid and various liquids and textures. (go to Sachiko Kodama

for more ferrofluid background)


The ferrofluid is controlled by magnetic fields and mixing it with different liquids forms new structures. But I do feel that most of the wow factor is due to the video editing although Omar claims to have stayed as analogue as possible, using simple editing techniques, create motion graphics that are natural and organic.


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