Netherlands-based NuFormer is one of the world’s leading specialists in 3D video mapping on buildings and objects. An innovative multimedia agency with many years of experience in the field of design and realization of various digital solutions, corporate film and video productions, combined with 3D and 2D motion graphic design.
Committed to exploring the limits of what is technically possible, NuFormer continuously experiments with the newest technologies and translates these techniques into original and unique high-end products for clients across the globe. A creative team of multimedia professionals combines skilled, top-level design with artistic out-of-the-box solutions in creating projection content. Complemented by an excellent team of project managers, NuFormer turns every creative mapping concept into a successful live performance.
Innovation is key, creativity a winner
NuFormer specializes in the design of 3D video mapping projection on buildings. This is a relatively new technology whereby 2D and 3D moving images are projected onto a building or object. Their broad creative and technical background enables them to approach their projects in a multidimensional way, allowing them to incorporate a full range of visual effects.
In May 2010, NuFormer completed the first large-scale commercial 3D outdoor projection in the Netherlands. The projection supported the launch of Samsung’s new 3D TV.
NuFormer designed and developed an impressive 3D projection on the façade of the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. The projection was implemented on May 20 and lasted till May 22, 2010. Spectators were able to view the projection during these nights. Within days, dozens of recordings were put on sites/portals such as Youtube and other news sites and the news eventually reached over a million of people within weeks.

With a enormous projector the video is projected on the building, which gives an alienating effect and let’s you enter a complete new world.


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