SUPERBIEN is a creative agency founded in Paris in September 2007. Using animated graphics, SUPERBIEN develops highly creative worlds where shapes and colors in motion tell a story or a concept. The agency’s work is taking on a whole new dimension. Generating cutting-edge projects combining animation and real space, their stunning performances occupy space in an unexpected, almost magical fashion. The agency calls on a range of graphic diffusion techniques: LEDs, interactivity, vast projections and projection mapping onto backdrops of all shapes and sizes.
SUPERBIEN creates and explores a new graphic discipline to offer numerous artistic avenues for communicating a brand identity.

Client: Orange
Agent: Havas Event
Artistic Direction: Superbien
Scenography: Vincent Coutelin
Production: Fighting Fish
Projection: ETC Audiovisuel
Music: StartRec

Orange’s CEO Stephane Richard presented key innovations for 2013 during a 40-minute long show orchestrated by Havas Event. For this show, innovation was also visual as the set was composed of non-stop evolving cubes, showing urban landscapes, networks, data clouds as well as scenes of everyday life using a videomapping creation by SUPERBIEN, produced by Fighting Fish. To graphically animate every facet of these cubes 780,000 high resolution images were produced, the equivalent to 5 full-length films.
My favourite art piece by Superbien is Orange. I choose this particular piece because normally Superbien designs projections and light designs for parties. I thought this work is a very innovative way of supporting a presentation. During the presentation you enter a completely new and exciting world, because of the different sounds and visuals that are shown. You’re still focused on the story the man is telling. The projection doesn’t distract from the story at all and I think that is the power of giving a good presentation; that the visuals, sounds together support the story. I think Superbien, in collaboration with Fighting Fish, ETC Audiovisuel, Vincent Coutelin and StartRec, did a very good job in this.

This video gives a lttle impression how the was presentation was


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