Effect: Bram Geenen

Bram Geenen

Dutch designer Bram Geenen designed a Gaudi chair. He used the same methods as Antoni Gaudi, who made models of hanging chains, that upside-down showed him the strongest shapes for his churches. In the chair the chain-models are combined with a software script to generate the structure of the ribs. This is necessary because of the complexity of the forces in a chairs backrest. High end materials and techniques were used to create a lightweight chair.


The software script used to determine the structure of the ribs is based on three steps. First the distribution of forces across the surface of the chair. Secondly the direction of forces defines the direction of the ribs. And finally the amount of force specifies the height of the rib.


The materials are a thin shell made of carbonfiber that deals with the compressive forces. The white beam-grid substructure resist bending of the shell. The substructure was made using rapid-prototyping techniques, to achieve the requierd complexity. Carbonfiber was chosen for its lightness and strength. The stool weighs only on kg.


This chair has a very futuristic look. The colours, organic forms, minimalistic elements are similar to Schuelkes designs. You could easily put them in one room and still get the same feeling. The use of material is similar, but most important the atmosphere it gives a certain space. Also if you wouldn’t know the scale the most people would guess it being really huge. But actually it is a chair so it’s even smaller then a people themselves. It is so futuristc that it looks like an animation, or somthing out of a scien fiction movie. But it is reality, this is what nowadays technique can do. And the same counts for Schuelk’s works.

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