Anouk Wipprecht

Anouk started her fashion education at the age of 14. Her interest in fashion lies in exploring the extent to which we experience fashion (emotional, intellectual and sensual aspects) and how we might be able to accomplish a higher state of connectivity between the body and our clothing. By specializing herself in fashion & technology she started to create little stories about a world where people are looking for both a physical as a psychological connection with their garments, and to design towards this feeling by combining different platforms that can trigger our behavior.

Through this fascination she started experimenting with combining fashion and technology 3 years ago by attending workshops, and moved for a year to Sweden for the study “body, fashion & technology” at the Malmo university where she worked on Arduino-based application possibilities and smart fabric concepting. Later on she gained deeper knowledge of the fashiontech field by assisting Sabine Seymour in Vienna, Austria. In 2010, she graduated at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, where she collaborated with Aduen Darriba (interaction designer) on the projectTechnosensual.



Pseudomorphs is a system that lets dresses paint themselves. Following Intimacy, Dutch haute-tech designer Anouk Wipprecht continues her work on the theme of transformation, this time using the sensual properties of moving liquids.

A Pseudomorph dress, when in the making, consists of two parts. The first, a fashionable virginal white dress made of thick felt. The second, an electronic accessory made from repurposed medical equipment, custom designed electronics and a sculpted neck brace. When the two are put together the tubes, which are led to the top of the dress, are filled with an ink which trickles down the dress finding it’s way by pure chance, and so in the process creating a unique piece every time.

Anouk describes her system as a factory that will produce her series of dresses. She turns the expectations of handmade-unique, factorymade-identical upside down by sewing her dresses to be identical fluid displays and letting the technology execute the part that makes it unique. In this process she makes the technology co-creator of her work.
The pseudomorphs neckpiece is controlled through a pressure and control system with pneumatic control valves that allow the ink to be pumped through the tubes and into the design. The electronics are powered by a single 9 Volt battery.
image_large (1)

Materiaal & Techniek
De jurk kleurt zichzelf in door middel van een elektronisch systeem in de neklijn. Vanaf het moment dat het systeem actief wordt, stroomt de verf over de jurk. De gekleurde vloeistof loopt via buisjes in de extra dikke, vilten jurk zodat er een uniek patroon ontstaat. De bewegingen, de pasvorm en het toeval bepalen het kleurpatroon.


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