SIMILAR MATERIALS, as created in the artwork of zimoun.

The limitations of logic and the absence of absolute certainty.


The artworks of Alistair McClaymont are a continuing process of discovery and experimentation. This by using a variety of materials and practices. His recent work is underlined by a search for what it is to be human. This might be our position in time and space on a grand scale, or singular observations on subjects that fascinate him.  Each piece takes a small subject area and breaks it down into something understandable and perhaps beautiful. His artworks take the form of direct demonstration, or experimentation: phenomena are removed from the world and reduced to their essence. At other times the artworks are formed by phenomena: the sculpture, or image is created by a process that is out of his control and the final work points to that process.


McClaymont uses simple and functional materials, just like Zimoun. For example; ventilators, humidifier, scaffolding, lights.


The technology is completed by certain light settings, a humidifier and ventilators.


The limitations of logic and the absence of absolute certainty is a tornado shown at the CA2M Museum in Madrid and Laboral in Spain, Shoreditch Town Hall at the Concrete and Glass festival. The moisture that forms the tornado. This tornado is really captivating to me, it absorbs your attention immediately and the room around it seems to disappear. A really simple but convincing and almost hypnotizing concept!


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