yeasayer – glass of the microscope // OLD ARTIST



microscope, micro-camera, ink, machinedrive, projectie, visual effects, kinect





Glass of the microscope is a clip for Yeasayer, which revolves around two scientists looking for a cure for a mysterious epidemic. Through the clip we see them testing various things and looking in their microscope, and on a big projection. It is located in an old medical-research university in the Netherlands, where scientist Antoine van Leeuwenhoek developed a microscope. The space is filled with machinery and technology. Moving machine.Different things are filmed through microscope by camera. By adding and subtracting fluids you get different set-ups, and see the microscopic fluid changing. The ink is being added and moved by a machine drive. Due to projection on a big screen the microscope image blows up. It seems like the screen is a touchscreen, but it is a projection. On the end of the clip we see a kinect figure moving and dancing, whilst on the background there are visual effects. The visual effect are being made by Justin Blyth with a video program, making use of the microscopic scenes and images. The kinect is recorded by Alexander Porter, with RGBDtoolkit. There are dancers mimicking the movement of the visual effects.




Glass of the microscope creates the effect of spacy tripping images with science. It gets a futuristic feeling because we are not used to these images and sculptures. By filming the microscopic fluids from that close by we get to see something we normally wouldn’t, it is unrecognizable and therefore bizarre. It combines scientific principles with bizarre unknown images, making it something otherworldly. it becomes rather intimate when you see something through a microscope.



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