Bj”ork – New moon // OLD ARTIST



Graphic design, visual effect, videocamera, projection, imagery of the moon, stop-motion



The song is part of an album where each song in the album features a theme related to nature.

The song is based on four different sounds. Bjork explained: with each new moon we complete a cycle and are offered renewal, to take risks, to connect with other people, to love, to give. It was directed by Bjork and Inez&Vinoodh, recorder spontaneously. Still images of the moon in time-lapse appear sometimes through the video by visual effects.




Moon creates an otherworldly effect. It doesn’t refer to a space so you can imagine it being out of space due to the moon and visual effects. We can’t relate to the forms and she moves rather weirdly, shocking movements. It doesn’t feel human.


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