Sculptor Caspar Berger (1965) studied at the AKI, Enschede and at the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht, the Netherlands. He draws much of his inspiration from the Italian High Renaissance and transforms its language to the present day. In his work Berger investigates the relationship between the interior and exterior, between reality and image. Berger gives shape to his ideas using silicone casts of models and of his own skin or even what’s underneath, leading to its end result in bronze, silver and sometimes gold; more recently, video installations, concrete and print.



hoi1 hoi2


The skeleton as a basis for reconstruction
In this project, Self-portrait 21, the 3D copy of the skull represents the true image (vera icon). This image has formed the basis for a facial reconstruction by a forensic anthropologist, who received the skull anonymously accompanied only by the information that it belonged to a man in his mid-40s born in Western Europe. This facial reconstruction is based on the available scientific documentation of tissue structure, skin thickness and muscle groups. The clay reconstruction has been cast in bronze to be presented as Self-portrait 21, a self-portrait that has not been made by the artist.




Translucent resin for the base. Bronze, silver, gold, and plaster.






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