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AMOEBA TRAINER/shames aden

The Amoeba surface-adapting trainer is a conceptual prototype that seeks to probe the future of new materials derived from Protocells. The study of Protocells is a new and emerging science that has the potential to drastically revolutionise the way we make materials.

The Amoeba trainer proposes to use 3D printed biotechnology to create a second protocell skin around the wearer’s foot. The effect for the athlete is that the protocell synchronises to the individual foot because this living technology is responsive and reconfigurable, adapting in real time to the current activity of the runner by, adding extra support in high impact areas.


Protocells: a new ‘living’ material technology

Can the study of Protocell principles provoke a new vision for future materials?

The study of Protocells is a new and emerging science that has the potential drastically to revolutionise future materiality. Essentially Protocells is a form of synthetic biology that blurs the gap between the nonliving and living. Encouraging the emergence of life from lifeless liquid chemicals manufactured artificially in the laboratory could provide us the building blocks to create a new man-made nature.



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