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Hydro Fold

dezeen_Hydro-Fold-by-Christophe-Guberan-from-ECAL_02 dezeen_Hydro-Fold-by-Christophe-Guberan-from-ECAL_04 dezeen_Hydro-Fold-by-Christophe-Guberan-from-ECAL_10 dezeen_Hydro-Fold-by-Christophe-Guberan-from-ECAL_12 dezeen_Hydro-Fold-by-Christophe-Guberan-from-ECAL_15

Christophe Guberan, 3rd year Product Design student at the ECAL conceived and developed the Hydro-Fold project. It is a project combining modern technology (ink-jet printer) and a very well known and accessible material (paper).

Hydro-Fold is a project that aims to explore the properties of paper or how a liquid may bend its structure.

The project consists on bringing modifications on a simple contemporary desktop ink-jet printer by replacing the regular ink contained in the cartridge by a very specific mixture of ink and water.

Different patterns, grids and shapes can be printed on paper using this specific liquid. While drying, the paper contorts, folds and retracts around the printed and humid areas, transforming it self from a 2-dimensional paper sheet to a 3-dimensional structure where lines become edges and surfaces become volumes.]

MATERIAL: paper, ink + water
TECHNOLOGY: customised water printing machine, inkjet printer


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