Celebra is an interactive installation comprising a network of two-hundred, one-square-meter led-lit balloons. The installation interacts both with the local audience –sensing their movements and sounds– and with remote public, through a web site that streams a video with sound of the installation in real-time, and allows its users to interact with the piece. Celebra can also play music (usually our music, specifically composed for it), and visually reacts to it.

As participants approach the piece, the balloons react to the music it plays, to the movements of the participants, and to the sound they produce. The color of each balloon can be controlled individually, so the whole network of balloons may act as a deconstructed screen, or a balloon or group of balloons can react to some specific participants.

The baloons are lit using RGB LEDs, and the network is wired. We develoepd a client-server architecture where one master server controls the balloons and blends the stimuli of a host of clients (both remote and local) that send commands to the installation.


Ballonnen, LED


Interactieve installatie

Bondi6 celebra1 celebra2 celebra5



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