Laura Lynn Jansen

Inner Fashion.

It questions the codes, rules and production technique of fashion. each piece are made of 2 layers: inner layer, XS, highly stretchable and outer layer, XL and none stretchable. both layers are dressed on a balloon representing the human body. as the balloon fills up with air, fabric of inside layer stretches out and both fabric are touching each other. no needle and thread, fast fashion line uses glue. glue connects both layers together. the balloon is deflated. the tension of the inner fabric wrinkle, bend and fold the skin of the garment in an unique and unexpected way.


ballonnen, (stretch) stof,


lucht, lijm

inner-fashion-Thomas-Vailly-Laura-Lynn-Jansen-dress-orange laura lynn jansen inner-fashion-Jansen-and-vailly-04-ok


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