Bot & Dolly
Projection mapping on moving surfaces


They use industrial Robots to move the 2 white canvases which measure 122 * 244cm. Projection mapping is used to visualize moving images onto the moving objects.


Bot&Dolly have created a means of working in software application Maya, which allows animators to control how the robots move. They are able to create algorithms which determines every rotation on each joint of the robot. This new found program is named: PD Move.

The projections are themed on the concept of basic magic tricks and they use optical illusions in the images to enhance this surreal feeling. The creators wanted to allow the online viewers to experience the installation the same way as one would by physically being there, to do this, they mimicked the movements of a human watching the installation onto a robot and placed the video camera on the robot. This gives one the experience of


The effect of this installation is a mind-boggling 3D experience which takes you on a visual journey through digital and physical space. This was the first installation of its kind which makes it a unique experience.


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