Naturally Disturbed;

Project :

Naturally Disturbed from Sue Kneebone


Collection of photographs left by her great grandparent’s and other antique objects, projector


Technique :

Transformation process of mixed media assemblage and photomontage that allow for new associations to be made from fragmented clues found in museums, photographs and archival material.


Effect :

This selection of works arose from Sue’s 2010 exhibition Naturally Disturbed which focused on researching historical narratives in relation to the pastoral frontier of the Gawler Ranges in the north west of South Australia.  Left with little tangible evidence of their past, Sue’s research has taken on a speculative kind of journey where, by attending to the past through the combined engagement of photographs, archival material and field trips, she has searched for ways to reach a more nuanced understanding of the cultural mirage that lies behind colonial settler culture and its relationship to the land.

Sue : ,, My art practice explores ways in which the social and environmental chain of effects from the past follow us into the present. I am particularly interested in the ramifications and legacy of the Australian colonial settler culture. My works explore the intersections between nature and culture, history and memory to imagine other ways of knowing the past and how it shadows us in the present. ”


naturally-disturbed-72 mg_4859 theengineers2 chickheadguns1




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