Jürgen Albrecht new media art


Juergen_Albrecht_Skulpturen_mit_Kunst-_und_Tageslicht_ Jürgen-Albrecht Exif_JPEG_PICTURE

The works of Jurgen Albrecht are abstract compositions, whose colours range from impenetrable black to bright white. They are neither picture nor object but three-dimensional fields which only exist in the light. Their initial point is the architectural space they are located in. Precisely tared light projections, crossfades and cloudings create spatial contexts which are – just as stage rooms – an illusion. Inside and outside are fading into each other. Open and closed spaces are shifting in conflict. Daylight and artificial light are changing their function in the description of spatial contexts as well as shades and shades of light. Optical illusions of interlaced interiors are emerging from the aesthetic challenge of habits of perception. It is a visual labyrinth in which the dual nature of light is reflected as material and immaterial phenomenon.

Space in light as an open, endless space in the visual interplay with
tangible and restricted space is also the theme of the work in Luedenscheid
“Universalis”. It contains seven cubes. Their material and formal structure is modelled by projected light. The white cubes are just as well convoluted as light incidence and reflexion. The basic relation of light, space and
perception is becoming an object of aesthetic contemplation and the interplay creates a spatial picture puzzle. Meanwhile the idea of the “White Cube” as
abstracted space is changing into a space that contains everything.


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