Pablo Valbuena new media art[stuk]_pablovalbuena_03_web

8_timetilings[stuk]_pablovalbuena_19_web 9_re-flex[z33]pablovalbuena_01_web 9_re-flex[z33]pablovalbuena_04_web 9_re-flex[z33]pablovalbuena_06_web 11_quadratura_abiertoxobras_12_lighter_web 11_quadratura_abiertoxobras_13_lighter_web 21_01_pablovalbuena_augmentedsculpture_web 21_03_pablovalbuena_augmentedsculpture_web 24_thehague_pablovalbuena_01_web 25_para-site[mattress-factory]_pablovalbuena_04_web 25_para-site[mattress-factory]_pablovalbuena_13_web 25_para-site[mattress-factory]_pablovalbuena_20_web

Pablo Valbuena develops artistic projects and research focused on space, time and perception. Born in Spain and currently based in the south of France.

Some key elements of this exploration are the overlap of the physical and the virtual, the generation of mental spaces by the observer, the dissolution of the boundaries between real and
perceived, the links between space and time, the primacy of
subjective experience as a tool to communicate and the use of light as prime matter.

These ideas are mostly developed site-specific, formulated as a direct response to the perceptual qualities, physical conditions and surrounding influences of a certain location or space.

This body of work has been presented in public and private
institutions, biennials and galleries in the form of exhibitions, site-specific commissions and large-scale public interventions throughout Europe, Asia and America.


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