Solar Flare




SOLAR FLARE: an interactive light sculpture

The sculpture involves public space, contextual scale, and environmental conditions. It was installed at a busy pedestrian walkway during winter and after fiddling it with animated LEDs, one large light bulb inside the belly of the sun was put to have an analogue approach. The bulb is surrounded by a rotating tin cylinder with holes cut out of it, geared to a small electric motor that is activated by motion sensors placed on either side of Stephen Avenue walkway. When tripped, either one of the motion sensors switches the motor to 3-volt rotational speed, creating a slow glimmer of light on the surface of the sculpture for a matter of seconds. The transformers were wired in series, meaning that when both motion detectors are simultaneously tripped, the motor switches to a 9-volt setting, and the sculpture shimmers rapidly, a reflection of the surrounding action.



LED, light bulb.


Eletronic sensors.


The performance hoped to explore the social magnetism of light and its mysterious ability to draw strangers together.



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