Isotopes v.2 Nonotak Studio


Nonotak Studio – an art duo made up of Noemi Schipfer and Takami Nakamoto – is back with a new installation that promises to mess with your mind. They created Isotopes v.2, ahypnotizing light experience that was inspired by the devastation in Fukushima.


4m x 4m x 3m, Audiovisual installation



Nonotak describes it this way: “The idea of Isotopes is to generate a dematerialized space. The catalyst of the project has been post Fukushima’s atmosphere. This tragedy that collided within our memories and childhood has led us to think about the brittleness of reality. This point of no return reflects the brutality of this evolving world that surrounds us, replacing any individual’s existence into fiction. Isotopes is an open space which can also be perceived as a prison. At first, the slow and hypnotizing moving lights attract the visitor into the heart of it. Then, the rhythm and the intensity become continually more aggressive until it generates immaterial barriers: it’s easy to get in but neigh impossible to get out.”

For the Insanitus Festival 2013 in KaunasLithuania, the studio just debuted Daydream V.2, an audiovisual installation that distorts our perception of space. Visitors who are standing in front of it will have light beams pass right through them as if they’re about to be teleported into another world.



945457_10201156620427806_1790778632_n_910 Comp 2_04039_910 Capture dcran 2013-05-06  13.06.27_910 Comp 2_04506_910 Comp 2_03905_910 Comp 2_01135_910 Comp 2_00602_910 isotopes001 isotopes002



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