1/ COLLECTIVE RESEARCH Catherine Wales – Project DNA

Catherine Wales has a studio in New York and London. Project DNA is the three-dimensional accessories collection from London- based designer, Catherine Wales. Catherina combines high fashion, technology, and science, to change conventional methods of textile constructions and push the boundaries of digital fabrication in high fashion. Inspired by identity and the visual structure of human chromosomes.


white nylon, 3D printer, fabric, ball and socket components, acrylic mirror



3D printed components of ball and sockets to fit in each other and move any different way. She created a digital avatar for the person it is made for, using a 3D scanner so she can make it wearable for any body shape. She created the attire using a combination of engineering programs to model complicated joints and creative software to build the sculptural forms. She uses nylon because all 3D printed models should be flexible.


Can be ordered to fit any shape. Everybody could have their own body scanned and order clothes that fit perfectly. Catherine was inspired by identity and the visual structure of human chromosomes, this shows in the way she made the sculptures with components of ball and sockets, so they could move. The project embraces developing technology in such way that consumers could have their own clothing made. She combines technology, 3D printing, which is something grown from technology, with shapes that are grown naturally: the human body.




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