Jean Paul Gaultier


Jean Paul Gaultier’s contribution to late-20th-century fashion might be summed up in two garments: the corset and the men’s skirt. Stepping back a bit, however, Mr. Gaultier accomplished much more than that. He was one of the first openly gay designers, and in an era ruled by street fashion, he made being a high-fashion designer seem cool. The army of pop stars who followed in his wake, becoming designers themselves, is evidence of this, as well as the popularity of television shows like “Project Runway” and the smaller contingent of artists who have used fashion collections and runway shows as models for performance-based art works.



Inspired by a play he saw at the Avignon Festival which employed trompe l’oeil video projections, Gaultier worked with JoliCoeur Mannequins to create something completely new. He wanted the mannequins to speak, as a statement against what he described as the misogynist view that women should be seen and not heard. Most of the mannequins have video-projected faces with movement as you can see in this video. The projection is made with video mapping. Jean Paul Gaultier believes emotions are accurate in today society.





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