FRANTIC CHANNEL AT YOUTUBE! We are happy to inform you that we have just started Youtube Frantic Channel and you can see the first video piece we uploaded. Japanese artist Macoto Murayama who works in the field of Digital Art provides one of his video pieces “C.warneri” (3min,59sec.,2007) for the dance performance titled “Evolve” by New Zealand Dance Company and other participated artists and you can see the video documentation here:


Macoto Murayama.



Macoto Murayama studied at Miyagi university in Japan. He studied Information design dept., spatial design course. This is where he started to create architecture and scientific illustrations. When he finished his studies he took a job as researcher at the IAMAS but soon became an independent artist with exhibitions over the whole world. He even won an award; the Asia digital art award.


Materials & Technology.

Macoto Murayama only works digital. He creates his art by using 3D computer graphics software. He cleans up his composition in Photoshop and adds measurements and annotations in Illustrator, so that in the end, he has created nothing short of a botanical blueprint. For the composition he uses a real flower and photographs it. Then he dissects the flower by cutting the petal and ovary with a scalpel and observes it with a magnifying glass. Then he makes sketches of the dissected flower and photographes it again.

Now he models the flower in different programs; most importantly 3ds Max (3DCG software). Finally he prints his work with a large scale printer.



“Both architectural plans and scientific illustrations are, as he puts it, “explanatory figures” with meticulous attention paid to detail. “An image of a thing presented with massive and various information is not just visually beautiful, it is also possible to catch an elaborate operation involved in the process of construction of this thing,” Murayama once said in an interview.




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