Leah Heiss


Jewellery that changes shape at body temperature. This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding…


Leah Heiss


Leah heiss is a Melbourne based artist and designer. She has a practice located at the nexus art, design and science, utilising advanced technologies to develop potent human scale projects. She collaborates within her projects with experts from nanotechnology.

Most of her works involves a medical aim. Her projects exists of hearing technologies, biosignal sensing jewellery and swallowable devices to detect gas fluctuations within the body.


She works with nanotechnologies, so she works with a lot of new technical devices such as magnetic liquids, memory metals, and electricity conducting textiles. Also she works with 3D printing.


She works mostly with nanotechnology and for this she collaborates with others such as scientists and electronic engineers to evolve her art practice.


““A lot of my work utilises nanotechnology, but what interests me is not the technology itself but the emotional side of how people interact with technology.”


A lot of people see the work of Leah Heiss as a very valuable research. Because her projects and research concern our medical healthcare. By nanotechnology she was able to develop accurate systems to treat diseases.


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