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‘Liminal Air’ by Shinji Ohmaki

This work can be appreciated from two viewpoints, the one from the inside and another when watched from the outside. A wave of light was created using a nylon braid. To produce it the entire work is adapted to the stage and can be viewed in a theater.



123,000 nylon strings suspended in varying lengths, fluorescent lights.




Create a cloud-like inverted topography.


1.26 in Amsterdam (


Spectra® Fiber, high-tenacity polyester fiber, and colored lighting.

Dimensions of net: 80 ft. length x 60 ft. width x 30 ft. depth
Installation Dimensions: 230 ft. length x 140 ft. width x 30 ft. height


Custom 3D modeling and programming, light engineering


Aside the grandiosity, delicacy and flow that all her sculptures show, this one specifically has an interesting interaction with the canal, reflecting the colors differently according to the movement of water.

“The form and content of the artwork draws inspiration from the interconnectedness of Earth’s systems. The artist used laboratory data from NASA and NOAA on the effects of the 2010 Chile earthquake, and the resulting 1.26-microsecond shortening of the Earth’s day. The sculpture’s three-dimensional form is inspired by Echelman’s mapping of tsunami wave heights across an entire ocean.”


Taking imagination seriously TED Talk (;

Artist’s Portfolio (

Other projects with similar effects:



STRANDBEEST theo-jansen-mechanical-sculpture-strandbeest-4_2FBm7_11446

A short bio on the artist/company

Theo Jansen geboren in Den Haag 14 maart 1948 is een Nederlandse kunstenaar en uitvinder. Hij studeerde eerst natuurkunde aan de Technische hogeschool Delft. Maar na het verlaten van de universiteit besloot hij verder te gaan werken als kunstenaar.

A description of the materials used

Pet flessen (voor de windmaag) PVC buizen (voor het geraamte) rubber bandjes/ rubberen buizen ( spieren ) tye- rips (voor verbindingen) zeildoeken (om windenergie op te vangen)

A description of the technology used

Hij heeft een parallellogram constructie gemaakt waarmee het beest kan lopen. De poten van de strandbeesten maken een ronde beweging, op het moment dat de poten op de grond komt maakt hij een horizontale beweging zodat hij soepel kan lopen. De windmagen die Theo gebruikt heeft bestaan uit PET flessen, deze flessen kunnen de windenergie als het ware opslaan en als het windstil is kunnen de strandbeesten zo ook lopen. De strandbeesten kunnen ook water deteceren, als er water in ‘zenuwcel’ komt draaien de kleppen om en loopt het beest de andere kant op. En alle strandbeesten hebben een slurf, als de wind te hard waait kunnen ze hiermee een hamer in de grond slaan zodat ze niet weg kunnen waaien.

An outline of the experience or interaction of the project

Theo Jansen wilde met dit project een niet biologische diersoort ontwikkelen. Wat zijn uiteindelijke doel is om deze strandbeesten zelfredzaam in kuddes over de Nederlandse kustlijnen te laten lopen. De bedoeling is dan ook dat de beesten steeds een beetje zand van de duinen naar het strand meenemen en hierdoor uiteindelijk ook de kustlijn kunnen beschermen tegen bijvoorbeeld overstromingen. En hierdoor zullen de strandbeesten ook een grote invloed hebben op het landschap.

Daarnaast is het doel van Theo Jansen om de evolutie van de strandbeesten nog verder te helepen tot op het punt dat ze naast zelfredzaam geëvolueerd op de stranden kunennen leven. Daarnaast wil Theo graag dat de beesten zichzelf ook kunnen reproduceren door bijvoorbeeld afvalplastic dat aan het strand ligt om te vormen tot nieuwe strandbeesten. En zo zouden ze niet alleen de kustlijn beschermen, maar ook de kust schoon houden.

SUPERBIEN is a creative agency founded in Paris in September 2007. Using animated graphics, SUPERBIEN develops highly creative worlds where shapes and colors in motion tell a story or a concept. The agency’s work is taking on a whole new dimension. Generating cutting-edge projects combining animation and real space, their stunning performances occupy space in an unexpected, almost magical fashion. The agency calls on a range of graphic diffusion techniques: LEDs, interactivity, vast projections and projection mapping onto backdrops of all shapes and sizes.
SUPERBIEN creates and explores a new graphic discipline to offer numerous artistic avenues for communicating a brand identity.

Client: Orange
Agent: Havas Event
Artistic Direction: Superbien
Scenography: Vincent Coutelin
Production: Fighting Fish
Projection: ETC Audiovisuel
Music: StartRec

Orange’s CEO Stephane Richard presented key innovations for 2013 during a 40-minute long show orchestrated by Havas Event. For this show, innovation was also visual as the set was composed of non-stop evolving cubes, showing urban landscapes, networks, data clouds as well as scenes of everyday life using a videomapping creation by SUPERBIEN, produced by Fighting Fish. To graphically animate every facet of these cubes 780,000 high resolution images were produced, the equivalent to 5 full-length films.
My favourite art piece by Superbien is Orange. I choose this particular piece because normally Superbien designs projections and light designs for parties. I thought this work is a very innovative way of supporting a presentation. During the presentation you enter a completely new and exciting world, because of the different sounds and visuals that are shown. You’re still focused on the story the man is telling. The projection doesn’t distract from the story at all and I think that is the power of giving a good presentation; that the visuals, sounds together support the story. I think Superbien, in collaboration with Fighting Fish, ETC Audiovisuel, Vincent Coutelin and StartRec, did a very good job in this.

This video gives a lttle impression how the was presentation was

Netherlands-based NuFormer is one of the world’s leading specialists in 3D video mapping on buildings and objects. An innovative multimedia agency with many years of experience in the field of design and realization of various digital solutions, corporate film and video productions, combined with 3D and 2D motion graphic design.
Committed to exploring the limits of what is technically possible, NuFormer continuously experiments with the newest technologies and translates these techniques into original and unique high-end products for clients across the globe. A creative team of multimedia professionals combines skilled, top-level design with artistic out-of-the-box solutions in creating projection content. Complemented by an excellent team of project managers, NuFormer turns every creative mapping concept into a successful live performance.
Innovation is key, creativity a winner
NuFormer specializes in the design of 3D video mapping projection on buildings. This is a relatively new technology whereby 2D and 3D moving images are projected onto a building or object. Their broad creative and technical background enables them to approach their projects in a multidimensional way, allowing them to incorporate a full range of visual effects.
In May 2010, NuFormer completed the first large-scale commercial 3D outdoor projection in the Netherlands. The projection supported the launch of Samsung’s new 3D TV.
NuFormer designed and developed an impressive 3D projection on the façade of the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. The projection was implemented on May 20 and lasted till May 22, 2010. Spectators were able to view the projection during these nights. Within days, dozens of recordings were put on sites/portals such as Youtube and other news sites and the news eventually reached over a million of people within weeks.

With a enormous projector the video is projected on the building, which gives an alienating effect and let’s you enter a complete new world.