Baku Maeda.



Baku Maeda was born in Sapporo Japan. After his studies he began working as a web designer and started working independently in 2005. He works with different disciplines such as realistic painting, vector illustration and 3D figures. He also works as an art director for various projects and agencies. He does exhibitions worldwide and was chosen as one of the best Asian illustrators.



Because Baku Maeda is such a diverse artists he uses very diverse materials. For his sculptures he used ice and ribbons. For his illustrations he uses pencils and paint.



For a lot of his illustrations he uses programs like vector works, illustrator and Photoshop.



A lot of his work is inspired by nature. For example he made the ice glasses to be winter proof and it reminded him of the strong winters in his town.

He started a company out of his ribbon project and this is their representation:

‘Ribbonesia’ is small creative collective has started since July, 2009. We mainly use ‘ribbon’ as the art material. We bend, twist and tie them to transform it into new characters, new life. We recently exploring other materials such as paper, wood, plastic and metal. Large and small. Basically anything we can play with. Just like artists’ search for new material to expand their potential of expression. We are constantly experiencing the new art works as well as creating bespoke products for various clients.




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