Ricardo O’Nascimento & Anbasja Blanken

De ‘Paparazzi Lover’ jurk.
Laat de drager zien aan de fotograven wie de echte ster is. Zodra  er geflitst word met een camera, gaan er allemaal led lampjes branden om zo in het middelpunt te staan.


plover2 plover1 paparazzi-lover-ricardo-o-nascimento-02


Mimi Zou

Geboren in America, net afgestuurd van de Royal Academie of Art.
Ze is productontwerpster.
Haar afstudeer project ‚Iris’ is een biometrie camera, gecontroleerd door je oog.
Het laat je alles opnemen wat jou ogen zien door eye tracking technologie.


MimiZou-Iris-inuse iris-camera-lens-mimi-zou-2 iris-camera-lens-mimi-zou-3 iris-camera-lens-mimi-zou-1 MimiZou-Iris-MimiDotMatrix


Having embarked on a photojournalistic project capturing the glue gangs of KathmanduFrankie Nazardo has created an installation that explores the way photographs alter with time. Francesco Nardozzi has gone on to create an installation that works on a seven-day timeline.

Speaking on the project, Nazardo reveals: “I have always been interest in the way photographic prints age with time. The slow fading of colours, the changes in textures and the occasional stain give a kind of human quality to prints– they sometimes parallel human emotions and feelings, reflecting the different shades of intensity in what we feel for those portrayed in the picture over time.

I wanted to contextualize this in contemporary society. I also wanted to explore how we learn to feel emotions as adults, as opposed to children. The writings of Carl Rogers were a great source of inspiration; in particular the idea of incorporating the values of society in our ideal self. I simply wanted to explore this process and its effects on emotions. The basis of the piece is the contrast between the artificiality of society and human emotions, especially those that are generally perceived as ‘pure’, such as love.

The style is quite a different than the Kathmandu Gang project. But I think there are some similarities in the thematic aspect of the projects, they are still about human responses to society values and circumstances. Personally I am a big fan of mixing genres and I consider both projects to be part of the same ‘song’.”


Technique :  Using a hospital transfer to release bleech on top of the photograph so it will dripp down and leave a trace of white and colors.

Photograph, hospital transfer, bleech.

The photograph will slowly dissapear by the bleech. But first you will see a slowly getting bigger drippings of white and colors.

Tesla (2012)


The idea of his projects is “to reveal the beauty and potential of an ordinary landscape”. The artist creates an surreal effect that catches your attention, in my opinion they are “something that you could get lost in” just like on Janet Enchelmann’s projects


LED lights

Luminescent material


Lights and photographic effects

Artist’s portfolio:

SIMILAR EFFECT, as created in the artwork of zimoun.


In his work carsten nicolai, born 1965 in karl-marx-stadt, seeks to overcome a separation of art forms and genres for an integrated artistic approach. influenced by scientific reference systems, nicolai often engages mathematic patterns such as grids and codes, as well as error, random and self-organising structures.


Photographs, film, clouds and sounds.


He used science, film, photographs and sound to create this image.


The movements, structure/texture, and their potentially infinite variety of forms. shot from the plane on various trips, the photos especially focus on so-called stratus clouds, a category of clouds that usually appears rather flat, hazy and featureless. their visual quality as seen from above may imply micro and macro structures at the same time thus potentially deceives the viewer’s perception.