Ferro fluid

Ferro Fluid



is a Singapore based photographer/videographer


Ferienne is the third installment of an ongoing experimental study on fluid dynamics, magnetism and cymatics. These invisible forces of nature are then made visible through various liquids and mixtures, and they form patterns that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye. The colour palette was kept similar to that of the human skin, and the textures were manipulated using different backgrounds, further pushing the limits of trypophobia; the fear of holes.


Ferrofluid and various liquids and textures. (go to Sachiko Kodama

for more ferrofluid background)


The ferrofluid is controlled by magnetic fields and mixing it with different liquids forms new structures. But I do feel that most of the wow factor is due to the video editing although Omar claims to have stayed as analogue as possible, using simple editing techniques, create motion graphics that are natural and organic.


Japanese artist born in 1970.


Physics, plastic art and mixed media, computer and holography art.

She is best known for her artwork using ferrofluid , a dark colloidal suspension of magnetic nano-particles dispersed in solution. It remains strongly magnetic in its fluid.By controlling this black fluid with magnetic field, it can be shaped to create complex 3-dimensional forms.

The shape will never be the same. People say Kodama’s works are “liquid sculpture”

Ferro fluid sculptures

Concept protrude, flow 2001

Kadama and Manaka Takeno pursue the creation of interactive installations that stimulate and inspire mans most primitive emotions. Dynamics, organic shapes and the movement produced by black lustrous fluid are incorporated into certain sections of the installation to express desire and passion. It reminds us of living forms that move in response to the rhythm of synchronous sound.

Kadama searches for the means of making physical material more flexible and freely. Can we obtain a real object that transforms as we designed it? <protude,flow> by digitally controlling these real object she expresses the dynamics of organic and fluid motion of wild and liquid shapes.


Affected by the sounds and spectators’ voices in the exhibition place,the three-dimensional patterns of magnetic fluid transform in various ways, and simultaneously its flowing movement and dynamic transformations are projected on the wide screen.

Material & Technology

The magnetic fluid appears as a black fluid. It is made by dissolving Ferro magnetic micro-powder in a solvent such as water or oil, and it remains strongly magnetic even in the fluid condition. Therefore, it is more flexibly transformable than iron sand and so it is possible to create more complicated three-dimensional organic patterns. That appears occasionally as pointed mountains or pliable organic shapes, sometimes as flowing particle streams. The transformation of magnetic fluid is caused by the interaction with environmental sound. The sounds in the exhibition place (sounds created by artists, and voices of spectators) are caught by a microphone hanging from the ceiling, and then a computer converts the sound amplitude to electromagnetic voltage, which determines the strength of the magnetic field. At the same time, the magnetic fluid changes its three-dimensional patterns sequentially. Each pattern appears synchronized to the environmental sound and the points of the shapes move correspondingly. As a result, magnetic fluid pulsates according to the sound. A digital video camera captures images of the moving magnetic fluid, and projects it on the screen.


Without the background information I at first thought that Kadama’s work was just digital. Looking very cool, but not very innovative. But when I found out that this is actually organic matter that is being controlled and manipulated it became beautiful. We have seen nearly everything in digital forms, so to make a fluid move and actually breath life is surreal to see. I would love to go to one of her shows to actually see this in person ad also be able to influence the matter.