Fidelity: Augmented Dance Performance

Augmented dance, like any enhanced reality, is a process which consists of adding graphic video elements to real-time action. Sort of like video-mapping a dance performance. The particularity—and technical deficiency—of the scale of correspondence between the real elements and the virtual. These two dimensions are combined to create the final “augmented” hybrid.

This trend seems to break new ground by enabling new creative applications for what could possibly be considered a medium in itself. The Kinect’s abilities are being used extensively in performing arts and contemporary dance. Fidelity(above) is an interactive dance/video project from artist and designer Rodrigo Carvalho in collaboration with choreographer Natalia Brownlie and sound designer Miguel Neto that was initially shown in spring 2011 at the Gap Gallery in Barcelona. Carvalho is known for Dancing With Swarming Particles, an interactive visual arts performance where the spectator can control a whole flock of birds in the sky. Fidelity, on the other hand, is a performance that associates a dancer’s body with 3D visuals to produce a digitized physical choreography. Combining these three elements works very well, as the performance plays on perspective and depth perception to showcase the movement of the dancer’s body.

Carvalho used the 1024KinectFun mod (made by 1024 architecture) to produce the real time visuals and 3D textures.

More projects by Rodrigo Carvalho:–2


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